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selected available works from personal collection

1. Crestfallen 2. 2002, Stainless steel, 48x57x29cm 

2. Five Palms. 2002, mild steel with clear coat, 40x40x20cm

3. Three Palms. 2004, mild steel with clear coat, 90x16x16cm

4. Forgiven 2. 2002, Stainless steel, 52x31x38cm 

5. Bloom Bud. 2012, mild steel electroplated in rainbow zinc, 70x30x30cm

6. Twisted 5. 2003, Stainless steel, 30x18x16cm 

7. S-Curve. 2003, Stainless steel, 11x17x36cm 

8. Perching. 2003, mild steel, 60x10x10cm 

9. twist. 2008, 60x30x30cm

10. Squeezing Tightly. 2002, mild steel, 120x66x5cm

11. Hole-hearted. 2002, mild steel, 116x82x5cm

16. Cross Culture 2. 2003, Mild steel & Stainless Steel, 30x60x5cm

17. Cannot find WMD 2003, lasercut mild steel with 2K clear coating, 90x120cm
selected for phillip morris exhibition & exhibited at taksu preview solo 

18. Pedra Branca. 2009, lasercut mild steel with 2K clear coating and enamel paint, 128 x 66 x 22cm. 
exhibited at rimbun dahan. 
Provenance: published in malaysian eye - 
contemporary malaysian art, by skira, pg. 229.​

20. in bloom 3. 2013, stainless steel with concrete base, 79x20x26cm

22. bifurcation 2 - red piece. 2013, mild steel with paint, 240 cm X 95 cm x 22cm. provenance: published in gmca 2013 book.

24. two sides two. 2012, mild steel, Ht: 3m, W: 5.5m, Base depth (including supports) 4.5m. 
exhibited at rimbun dahan WWF 2012 & Art in the Park, Perdana Botanical Garden 2014. 

25. the cornerstone of peacelessness. 2014, mild steel and cement board, 7.3m H x 1.5m W x 1.5m L.
exhibited at Art in the Park, Perdana Botanical Garden 2014. 


Multhalib can be regarded as one of Malaysia's younger leading contemporary sculptors. He has become known for his 'fluid metal sculptures' which seem to have been effortlessly carved out of metal. The contradiction of transforming a hard material into a supple, pliable form, demonstrates his interest in the manipulation of the medium. This in part stems from his educational background - an architect by training. He pursued his Bachelor's Degree in Design Studies from the University of Adelaide in Australia, thereafter obtaining his Bachelor of Architecture from MARA University of Technology in 2000. He has been granted numerous international awards and residencies in recognition of the work that he has done. In 2001 he was selected for the Rimbun Dahan Residency in Malaysia, and the following year was presented with the Award of Excellence at the 6th Oita Asian Sculpture Open Competition in Japan. He was the recipient of the Australian High Commission Residency in 2004, and was commissioned through an international competition by the Beijing Olympic Park City Sculpture Project 2008 to create a major outdoor sculpture for the Beijing Olympics, China. In 2008 he was selected for the Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit held in Tokyo, Japan. Recently his work was selected for the Ordos 11th Asia Arts Festival, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, and another outdoor work for the Urumqi International Urban Sculpture Symposium held in Xinjiang, China.

Here you can find stuff about his works, thought process, and what goes on in the background...

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what goes on in the background...


gallery of selected works 2000 - present
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